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Profit from 26.1%
to 44.1% per month

Invest plans

Invest amount

from 10$ to 10000$


Deposit 18 month

Accrual everyday

Yield 26.1% per month

Yield 0.87% per day

Invest amount

from 100$ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual everyday

Yield 29.7% per month

Yield 0.99% per day

Invest amount

from 2000$ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 7 days

Yield 30.6% per month

Yield 1.02% per day

Invest amount

from 4000$ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 14 days

Yield 32.1% per month

Yield 1.07% per day

Invest amount

from 1500 $ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 7 days

Yield 39.3% per month

Yield 1.31% per day

Invest amount

from 1500 $ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 7 days

Yield 40.5% per month

Yield 1.35% per day

Invest amount

from 1500 $ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 7 days

Yield 42.3% per month

Yield 1.41% per day

Invest amount

from 1500 $ to 10000$


Deposit 12 month

Accrual every 7 dayd

Yield 44.1% per month

Yield 1.47% per day

The body of all deposits is included in daily interest payments

Referal program

When you reach status VIP

When you reach status VIP 1

When you reach status VIP 2

When you reach status Diamond
If you did this before August 31, 2018

Two ways to get status VIP:

1) Personal volume the funds you have invested in any investment program min 3000$ and group the amount of funds of your structure equal or exceed the sum of$ 50,000, so that the three personally invited partners in their structures group volume of investments amounted to at least$ 10,000 in each, i.e. it turns out of$ 30,000 and the remaining 20000$ can be your personal investment in the standard tariffs and the side amount of all investments of your structure. After this condition is met, you make a contribution to the VIP investment plan and you are assigned the VIP status.

2) Personal volume the funds you have invested in any investment program min 3000$ and group the amount of funds of your structure equal or exceed the sum of$ 50,000, so that the three personally invited partners in their structures group volume of investments made in one branch 20000$ 10000 the second$ third$ 5,000, with ie it turns 35000$ and the others$ 15,000 or can be your personal investment in the standard tariffs and the side amount of all investments of your structure. After this condition is met, you make a contribution to the VIP investment plan and you are assigned the VIP status.

VIP 1 - this is when you helped your personally invited person make VIP status

VIP 2 - this is when you helped two of your personally invited to make VIP status

Diamond - you get this status when you help three of your personally invited partners to get VIP status



what does Crypto Trend LTD do?
we trade cryptocurrency reserves. We buy and sell cryptocurrencies and classic currencies. At the same time, we make deals that with the highest probability provide our traders and software operators with the most profitable and relevant rates at each time of interest to us.

you need to do more and we fully agree with that!
not only do we make speculative transactions with different currency reserves, generating profits every second, we also use some of the money earned to Finance our own developments in the field of cloud mining, as well as invest in proprietary software that allows us to enter into the most effective mining pools around the world as co-owners.

Money should not rest.
we are doing everything we can to ensure that the funds we have are in constant motion, so that they bring maximum profit and benefit. We do it well and professionally and are ready to work also with external investment when the money is provided to our company by third-party investors. Why not? We know how to make profit using the most efficient time! This is very important when working capital becomes available again to conduct transactions as quickly as possible. As a result, we form our own investment field, which is permeated with our achievements in online investment and is able to generate tens of millions of dollars of profit constantly, as an accurate and reliable mechanism.

5 years of total trading experience and 2 of them 2017 and 2018, working on cryptocurrency exchanges.< br>Trust professionals. Only experience, multiplied by technology and built into the degree of selfless work and hard work will be able to give you the expected results. Many investors trust us with their investments.


Вы можете проверить подлинность сертификата на asic.gov.au.

Company mission

Our mission is to ensure that people competently approach the issue of managing their financial condition and achieve the greatest profit.

We invest all possible means and efforts in the development of service and the creation of educational projects, in order to make it much easier for people to make decisions in investment activities.

Our company will help everyone who will contact us. We will teach you how to use your abilities to the maximum for achieving material prosperity.

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What’s the main business of the company?toggle

Our company represents a perfectly organized and impeccably functioning business based on trading with the main cryptocurrency assets.

Why do you need investments?toggle

We think that there is never too much safety and there is never too much investment. It is possible to develop your business steadily, completing step by step every new stage of your development with patience. But that would result in losing priceless time. The world of cryptocurrencies is a field of commercial application of human knowledge where changes happen very dynamically. This is why, along with planned and well-adjusted development, we would still like to save some time increasing the number of performed transactions and the volume of these transactions. It is profitable for all the participants of the process.

How profitable is it for me?toggle

For outside investors that will work with us on the base of interactive website www.crypto-trend.com, we propose three investment offers. Three ways of receiving passive income, three ways of gaining reward for your investment. Every investor is able to choose the degree of investment and the volume of profit themselves. It is enough to say that we are ready to pay up to 730% of passive profit from the sum of your investment made in our company for one year. You can read View more about our offers regarding profit and placing your investment in the About section.

What is the minimal investment sum?toggle

It is possible to test the work of the system starting with $10.

Can I change the investment offer?toggle

No. There is no such opportunity.

Where can I look for help?toggle

Go to the Contacts section. Use it every time you need our help.

What is the maximum that I can invest into your company?toggle

If you mean the general sum of active investments, it is unlimited. If you mean the sum that can be invested at a time, the available maximum sum is $10,000.

What is the minimum sum available for withdrawal?toggle

The minimum sum available for withdrawal to your purse is $1. There is no maximum sum available for withdrawal by one withdrawal request.

Can I change my payment details?toggle

Yes. It is necessary to create a corresponding support ticket. We will quickly make the requested changes to your account.

What are the working hours of the Support?toggle

Our Customer Support works 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm Moscow time. We will help you to solve any issue regarding interaction, investment, advertising, promotion, use of a personal account, etc. in the most possible clear, effective, and professional way. Like everything Crypto Trend LTD does for its clients.

Can I change the upline or delete the existing account to create another one, for instance?toggle

You cannot change the upline. We recommend to thoroughly check the information about your inviter before creating a personal account. As for deleting the account, this action is technically impossible.

When will I receive the first remuneration on my investment and how often (and how long) will I keep receiving them?toggle

You will be receiving remuneration daily throughout the whole term of the investment offer you chose. As for the first remuneration, it will appear in the balance of your account in 24 hours from the moment of creating the investment. Please note. The payment order for an investment you paid for with Perfect Money or Advanced Cash creates and activates the investment immediately. If you used Bitcoin, the investment will be activated after we receive 6 confirmations from the Bitcoin network.

I would like to restructure my investment capital by creating investments for all the investment offers of your company at the same time. Is it possible?toggle

Yes. You can create investments for all investment offers of our company at the same time. View moreover, you have the right to create as many investments as you like using, for example, the same investment offer by Crypto Trend LTD.

Can I withdraw the payouts the same way the remuneration as made, by days?toggle

Yes. There is such an opportunity.

How long will it take for a withdrawal request to be processed after it’s created?toggle

Withdrawal requests are processed manually. This is why you will have to wait a little. Usually, it is a few hours. The company reserves the right to process withdrawal requests and perform transactions on them for up to 72 hours. In cases when, due to unexpected reasons, which are beyond the control of the company, the processing time for inquiries will exceed 72 hours, we will provide an exhaustive explanation and complete information on the reasons for such an incident.

What is the fee taken by the company from the sum that I requested for withdrawal for performing the transaction?toggle

The company holds 1% for withdrawal to EPS and for internal transfer.

Can I withdraw money to a payment system that was not the payment system I used when creating the investment?toggle

At the moment, there is no such possibility.

What if I create View more than one active account in the system?toggle

Creation of multiple accounts is prohibited, We do not recommend to create View more than one personal account on the website of our company. If this recommendation is ignored, all the accounts of such a client will be blocked, or logging into such accounts will be actively prevented.

Can I terminate the term of an investment offer ahead of time?toggle

We openly inform our clients about the conditions we offer. If you are personally not certain that the investment offer you chose will be relevant for you throughout the whole term provided by the investment offer in question, it is better to choose an investment offer with a shorter term. Or refrain from making investments for some time to figure out your motives since we cannot cancel, accelerate, or reduce an investment agreement that has been made by a single day.

Can I change the email I provided when signing up?toggle

No. This cannot be done independently or through a Customer Support request. Regardless of the current state and performance of your email client, we cannot change it for you.

How much can I make on affiliate solutions of your company?toggle

We do not see any obstacles to each client of our company could earn interest up to level 9 in depth of the amounts that invested in the company referrals of its partner structure.

Will i be able to use the affiliate solutions of the company without creating an investment of my own?toggle

No. There is no such opportunity. It is necessary to have minimal investment to receive affiliate remuneration.

If my referral creates an investment using his account money, will I be able to receive affiliate remuneration?toggle

Yes. There is such an opportunity.

I couldn’t find an answer to my question. What should I do?toggle

Please contact our Customer Support. We are sure that we will be able to deal with any issue together. Quickly and effectively.

How safe and profitable is it to invest money into your business?toggle

At the current stage of development of online investment, there is probably no other investment field that would work as safely, confidentially, and profitably as the field of crypto trading.

What payment systems can be used for investing?toggle

It is possible to use Advanced Cash, to invest with Perfect Money, and, of course, Bitcoin is available.


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